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JCO Forming Press

It is the equipment for cylindrical bending of the plate in 12.8m, 18.3m JCO process after edge milling or
pre-bending process.

Detail View

12.8m JCO Forming machine_detail view
  • 12.8m JCO Forming machine_2
  • 12.8m JCO Forming machine_3
  • 12.8m JCO Forming machine_4
  • 12.8m JCO Forming machine_5
  • 12.8m JCO Forming machine_6
  • 12.8m JCO Forming machine_7

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Technical specifications
Equipment Description Standard Specification
JCO Forming Press External Pipe Dia ∅406 ~ 1,626mm(16″~ 64″)
Material API 5L GR B ~ X100
Plate Width 1,100 ~ 5,100mm
Plate Length 6,000 ~ 12,800mm/18,300mm
Wall Thickness 8 ~ 70mm
Plate Weight Max. 30ton
Bending Control CNC
Production Rate 8 ~ 10 pcs/hr
30″ x 25.4t x 12,800mm / 18,300mm